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Teach My Person How to Love Me


In early summer of 2011 and 2012, the all-volunteer Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT) came to the northwestern BC communities of Burns Lake and Southside to conduct free health checks, vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery for low-income families. The results of the CAAT clinics were fantastic with 200+ dogs and cats receiving health care and sterilization by the volunteer veterinarians, vet techs and assistants each year.

2011 was the first time any organization outside of Northwest BC has come to this region to provide desperately needed animal health services. The companion animal over-population crisis along the Hwy 16 Corridor receives no provincial help and no help from the larger provincial and federal animal welfare organizations that provide animal healthcare assistance in other regions and in larger centres. There are not enough local veterinary clinics, rescue organizations or no-kill animal shelters serving this very large geographical region.

A critical component of the community events surrounding the CAAT clinics is humane education. Presentations in all of the schools in these two communities throughout the year were supplemented with special visits during this year’s animal wellness event, dubbed ‘Great Big Love for Furry Friends’,
by local elementary school students.

The Great Big Love, along with efforts to broaden the reach of the humane education program, is continued in this important song entitled ‘Teach My Person How to Love Me’.

As we learn to change our perceptions and treatment of companion animals who depend on us for their very lives, we can all carry the message of responsible and caring pet guardianship as we sing along (lyrics below)!

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Teach My Person How To Love Me
©2012 Lakes Animal Friendship Society

Teach my person how to love me,
Teach my person what I need.
I’ll be a faithful, furry friend forever,
We can always be together,
Teach my person how to love me.

They can be my Superhero,
Give me food and water.
A warm and cozy bed,
Where I can lay my head,
And I would love a place to run and play,
Every day.


We’ll go to see the vet,
Don’t need to have a litter,
She’ll give me all my shots,
And ‘though I cannot talk,
They’ll learn to watch and listen every day,
And know if I’m okay.


We can be a family,
Caring for each other,
I’ll be waiting at the door,
No one could love them more,
They adopted me instead of buying new~
Friends forever true.



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