Community Coalition for Animal Welfare : Northern BC

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Community Coalition of Animal Welfare

Here are our coalition members. These organizations are dedicated to animal rescue and adoption.

AlleyCATS Alliance

Location: Penticton


Canadian Animal Assistance Team

Location: Vancouver


Lakes Animal Friendship Society

Location: Southbank

Healthy Animals, Families and Communities
Proper animal care is good for the animals and helps keep families and communities safe and healthy!

Making a difference starts with education! We educate students and other community members about animal care, compassion and bite safety. Children are the most common dog bite victims. Proper animal care and safety skills help keep kids from getting hurt. Students learn about respect for each other and all living things.

Spay/Neuter Programs
There are way too many animals and not enough good homes! Spaying and neutering ('fixing') is healthier for your pets, your family and community. We work with groups like the Canadian Animal Assistance Team and The Burns Lake Veterinary Clinic to help lower-income families have their pets spayed and neutered.

Dog Houses
Dogs and cats need a warm house for the winter. We fix and insulate donated dog houses. Local school groups and the College have also pitched in to build and paint new houses for dogs and cats in need!


Melfort SPCA SK

Location: Melfort


The Kitimat Humane Society

Location: Kitimat