"Never doubt that a small,
group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing
that ever has."
~ Margaret Mead

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Join the Community Coalition for Animal Welfare

The Community Coalition welcomes individuals and organizations interested in tackling the homelessness and suffering of companion animals in BC. Members work in their local communities and in partnerships with organizations in other communities that need assistance.

The Community Coalition for Animal Welfare is the only organization providing a link between rescue organizations and shelters, animal welfare agencies, advocates, volunteers and people interested in learning about the issues facing companion animals in BC.

A private and secure section of the this site is available to Commuity Coalition members to communicate, share resources, participate in animal care initiatives and request assistance.

As a Community Coalition member, you will:

  • Connect with other members in the Community Coalition who are active in animal rescue, foster, adoption and advocacy
  • Benefit from
  • Learn about opportunities to volunteer for Coalition Initiatives such as Spay/Neuter Clinics, Adoption Events, Community Education & Awareness Events
  • Be notified of the progress of efforts to reform animal cruelty legislation, including opportunities to participate in advocating for change

For individuals interested in volunteering or providing foster care, please complete the » Volunteer Registration.

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