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Working Together Makes a Difference.

The Community Coalition for Animal Welfare is a group of individuals and organizations working to improve the lives of companion animals in BC. We believe that by joining forces to use our experience, resources, determination and vision we will have faster and greater success.

Animal welfare issues are multi-faceted and complex, but the goal of this Coalition is simple—end the suffering. Members hold a wide range of experience and understanding of animal welfare issues, for some this is their first opportunity to work with others and participate in long overdue solutions where they can. We also know there is a diversity of opinions and ideas and we know that we are bound by a common fundamental philosophy—something needs to be done and doing something is far better than doing nothing.

Rescue Organizations, Animal Shelters & Foster Care Providers

Communities both within and outside of BC provide examples of successful programs, events and legislation. We will learn from these examples and explore new ideas in our efforts to find a sustainable, long-lasting solutions.


We have all grown tired of reading tragic stories in the media of animal neglect and cruelty. Once we become aware of the extent of the problems, it is hard to turn away and do nothing. If you want to help put an end to the suffering of companion animals, we invite you to join the Community Coalition for Animal Welfare. Volunteers may participate in many areas such as humane education, foster care, transportation of animals, rescue support, adoption events and advocacy.

We have a long way to go, but we will reach a time when companion animals in need in our communities are given greater compassion, protection and standards of care. You can help that happen sooner!


To support efforts to improve animal welfare, and inspire humane care and compassion for companion animals in all communities in BC.


1. To be an easily accessible hub for creation and integration of animal welfare initiatives.
2. To establish strategic alliances.
3. To identify funding sources to support spay/neuter clinics, educational activities and adoption events.
4. To organize spay/neuter clinics in under served communities.
5. To educate communities about responsible pet guardianship.
6. To initiate changes to animal protection legislation by municipal, provinical and federal governments.


1. We respect each other as much as we respect animals.
2. We appreciate and utilize our diversity to meet our goals.
3. We nurture a cooperative culture between community members, pet guardians, rescue organizations, shelters and government.
4. We are open to using innovative and non-traditional ideas.