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Lakota Animal Care Project

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"The Lakota Animal Care Project, or "Lakota Animal Care" as we are more commonly known, is a community-based effort to provide basic animal health care for dogs, cats and horses on the Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota. Tribal members from our communities are trained as Lakota Animal Care Givers to help improve the wellbeing of all our community members, of all our relations. We work in teams of two and operate out of a minivan equipped as our mobile unit which we use to get around to provide mange treatment, vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, basic wound care, deworming, and, when needed and possible, emergency transport to the nearest veterinarian.

A Community-Based Participatory Approach to Animal Care

The Lakota Animal Care Project will provide community-based animal care services on the Reservation by training and employing Tribal members as "Community-Based Animal Care Givers". Once sufficient funding is secured, Animal Care Givers will work in teams of two under the supervision of a Veterinary Technician to be recruited by the project. Animal Care Givers will work in the communities where they live. Animal Care Giver teams will be established in communities around the Reservation as funding becomes available." (From

»» Lakota Animal Care Project website

»» Read about the impact on one young boy when his beoved dog Bear receives treatment through the Lakota Animal Care Project. (January 2011)